TITLE:Back-to-Basics: sp-kill

ISSUE:Multi-value Solutions May '98

AUTHOR:Nathan Rector

COMPANY:Natec Systems



SP-KILL stops spooler entry output or removes configured printers. SP-KILL isnít used a much as SP-ASSIGN or SP-EDIT, but is a valuable command to know about. With this command you can done:

1) Abort the currently active print job(s) immediately.

2) De-queue print jobs spooled to a specific printer.

3) To remove printers from the Spooler system.

Like the other spooler commands, SP-KILL has a list of options that help control and define how it is to act. If no options are specified, "sp-kill" aborts the current print job on printer# 0. If the users has a sys2 privilege level, then they can terminate any print job. If not, then they can only affect print jobs sent by them.

printer# - Aborts current jobs on specified printer.

a - Stops Spooler entry or entries created by the current user-id.

b - stops all entries. When used with the "d" option, this kills all printers. When used with the "f" option, this kills all open jobs. When used without any other option, this aborts all active printers.

d{printer#} - Deletes specified printer from the system. This requires a "sys2" privilege level. When used with the "w" option, it waits until the current job completes, rather than aborting it immediately.

f{file#} - causes the specified print jobs to go on hold.

n - When a print job is killed, it prints out a message letting you know the job was aborted. This option suppresses that abort message.

o - Used with the "f" option, this unlinks print file(s) already being output.

s - Suppresses system messages. Also see "n" option.

w - Waits until all processes have finished.

sp-kill 1

Kills the current print job on printer 1.

sp-kill of7

Kills print file 7, even if it is being output to the printer, and returns it to an available, hold file status.


Kills the current print file on printer 0.

sp-kill a

Kills all print files currently being output.

sp-kill a2

Kills the print file on printer 2.

sp-kill 3-5

kills the print jobs 3, 4, and 5 before they go to printer

sp-kill b

Kills all print jobs going to all printers.

sp-kill f5-10

Changes the status of print job 5 through 10 to hold files.

sp-kill bf

Changes all print jobs going to all printers into hold files.

sp-kill d1

Deletes printer 1 from the system.

sp-kill d3-5

Deletes printers 3, 4, and 5 from the system.

sp-kill bd

Deletes all printers from the system.