MobileVB XML Parse Class
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    - VB 6
    - VB.NET

If you feel this code is worth $50, please pay me for my time.  If not, feel free to use it as you see fit.

You will get 3 classes that will allows you to create and parse XML Documents using native MobleVB code.  No fuser or extra module required.  This code is pure VB code.

There are 3 classes:

XMLEngine - used to parse an XML Document
XMLElement - used to update/add/access XML Elements and the information stored in the XML Document
XMLAttribute - used to access the attribute information stored in the XML Element.
IXmlEvent - Used to process the XML Elements are they are being Parsed.

This code will parse a document in chunks or as on big blob.  This works well if you are receiving XML information via AFClientSocket.

The zip file you receive will include a sample form that you can compile into a MobleVB program and run on your palm or pocket pc.

This code has been adapted from code found on the internet.  Since this is the case, it falls under the LGPL licenses.