mvQB - Multi-Value Quickbooks API
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The mvQB allows you to reach millions of customers who trust and use QuickBooks, the leading small business accounting software.

  • The API enables your application to share data directly with QuickBooks: no need to enter the same data twice!
  •  Integration is transparent: the communication between your application and QuickBooks takes place behind the scenes.
  •  Your customer gets the best of both worlds: the power and efficiency of QuickBooks, combined with the advanced tailoring of your application to specific business needs
  • mvQB API is designed for the Multi-Value program to use. No need to learn the internal for QuickBooks.
  • Reach the Broad Base of QuickBooks Customers. By adding QuickBooks support to your application, you now have a large market to sell your application.


You can use mvQB with the following version of QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks Pro 2004+
  • QuickBooks Premier 2004-2014
  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2004-2014
  • QuickBooks Pro 2005-2014
  • QuickBooks Premier 2005-2014
  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2005-2014