ntsSync - HotSync/ActiveSync Conduit
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Run-Time: $500.00 - no royalties
  w/Source: $1500.00 - GPL

Revision Log:
06/01/05 - Signature BMPs API added.
06/01/05 - Bug Fixes.


The ntsSync Manager program allows a developer to create one DLL that will sync PDB data on both a Palm and a Pocket PC.  It will also allow the developer to create PDB files on the PC for other specific types of devices.

All Application conduits will have a Unique Application Id, or AppId, that ntsSync will use to help store and handle information regarding the DLL supplied.  Each DLL must implement ISyncNotify, and register the full windows ClassId with ntsSync.

- Palm and Pocket PC Application Installer
- Palm and Pocket PC Conduit Installer
- Conduit Manager Screen
- Sample Code