ViaDuct - Terminal Emulation software
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ViaDuct is Terminal Emulation for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP for accessing your MultiValue Database.


  • TCLWizard - A wizard designed to help you create AQL/UniQuery/TCL Access statatements.  Easy to use and designed for the average Windows users that is not familiar with LIST/SORT/SELECT statements.
  • File Transfer Wizard - A wizard to help users design uploads and downloads of MultiValue data into and from verious Windows file forms.  Some of the formats supported are Excel, Access, Comma Delimited, and HTML.
  • mvExplorer - View your multiValue data in an Explore like window.  Includes features for Drag and Drop of MultiValue data.
  • Visual Data/Basic - Provides developers enhancements to their existing Data/Basic applications to include Windows desktop features.
  • mvEdit - A Graphical Editor for your MultiValue data and programs.
  • Email Integration - Provides email capabilities from the host using a MAPI-compatible PC-based email package. You must have a MAPI-compatible email package (for example, MS Outlook) installed on your PC.
  • Pic-Lan/Serial/Telnet Support - Support for verious communications methods.