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Winlink32 API/Objects
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Winlink32 API/Objects

WinLink 32 Trial Kit
(60- Day evalutation package includes API and Objects modules, and a manual on CD.  Price applies toward the purchase of Developer Version)
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WinLink 32 ViaAPI/Objects Developer Version
(Includes ViaAPI.Objects and 1 workstation user license, and manual on CD)
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WinLink 32 ViaAPI/Objects - Site License (includes 1 workstation only)
(You must first own one Developer Version before purchasing a site version to install on additional sites.  Includes 1 workstation user license.)
Additional ViaAPI/Objects Workstations
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WinLink 32 ViaAPI/Objects Upgarde

Upgrade Developer from 3.x and 4.x
Upgrade Site Version from 3.x to 4.x
Per Workstation Upgrade $69.00

Winlink 32 ViaAPI/Objects Support Plans

  • Includes product releases for one year, email, fax, web, and voice technical support for installation and functionality issues.  Support Plans are purchased for one year, and will be prorated based on calendar year.
  • Support Plans do not include writing or debugging of code.
  • Support Plans must be purchased for all modules and Workstations at a site.
Support Per Developer $299.00 per year
Support per Site License $120.00 per year
Support per Workstation $20.00 per year

Per Incident Support

  • Payment with Credit Cards only.
  • Paid in hour increments, with 1 hour minimum.
Pay Per Incident (Covers 2 hours of support time) $150.00 per hour
Programming and Design Support
Winlink32 API/Objects Training