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The mvControls are Visual Basic ActiveX Controls that bind MultiValue Database with ActiveX controls.  The mvControls allow a developer to create Visual Basic programs using MultiValue data quickly and easily.  The mvControls include basic validation functions as well as the ability to call host BASIC programs during either Default or Validation checks.

The mvControls work together to help keep information updated and keep the user from saving information they shouldn’t.

The mvControls 1.0 consist of the following:


The mvSession control is used to define the connection information needed to connect to the MultiValue Database



The mvTextBox works like the standard Visual Basic TextBox



The mvComboBox works like the standard Visual Basic ComboBox.  It will allow the user to select data from a drop down list that was generated by the host system.



The mvGrid allows a developer to create a multivalue input control similar to a “scrolling multivalue window” commonly seen in MultiValue BASIC.



The mvButton is used to write the information back to the MultiValue Database.  The mvButton will verify that the information is entered correctly in the other associated controls before allowing the user to activate it.




The mvLabel works like the standard Visual Basic Label.  It will display MultiValue information in a read-only format and will not allow the user to access it.




The mvListBox works like the standard Visual Basic ListBox.  It gives the user the ability to select from a group of items, derived from either a specific record or from a select list.  It will allow the user to select one or more items from the list and store the results in a multi-value format.



The mvCheckBox works like the standard Visual Basic CheckBox.