MobileVB/Crossfire - Palm/PocketPC Cross-Development platform
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MobileVB and Crossfire are products sold by Appforge.  It is a Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET Add-in that allows you to develop applications in VB and then compile them to run on either Palm OS or PocketPC.

Here is some shareware code that may be of use in this environment:

XML Parser Class
This Class gives you the ability to Parse XML information

Socket HTTP Class
This Class gives access to Web Site content using Sockets instead of relaying on the InetLib which is not found on all Palm OS devices.

PDB Database Class - Create PDB database on a PC
These Classes will allow you to write PDB databases without using Appforge components.  These classes are VB6 and are designed to work with desktop applications.

Pocket PC Appforge RAS Connection Fuser
This code is developed and sold by Database Developments Limited.  It will allow you to create a Dial-up connection on a Pocket PC from your Appforge Code.  This allows you to create Internet connections through Cellular enabled devices.

PocketPC/Symbian PDB Database Class
These classes are a variation of the PDB Database Classes for the PC that will give developers the ability to read records from a PDB database without the initial performance hit during Open and Close of the file.

ntsSync - Hotsync/ActiveSync Conduit
This program is used to allow developers to create 1 DLL for syncing PDB data between Hotsync and/or ActiveSync.